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Plan Your Wedding the Eco-Friendly Way

By Weddingblog2011

If you’re an eco-conscious bride, consider using your own personal wedding website to plan your wedding day the eco-friendly way.

Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to plan your wedding? Thanks to personal wedding websites, brides are no longer bound to planning their weddings by paper and pen. Personal wedding websites allow you to plan everything for your wedding day, from beginning to end.

If you still prefer a print organizer or would like to keep track of important vendor documents by print, you are not alone. Many brides love the practicality of having their plans in print. After all, it often helps to have a file you can bring with you wherever you go, but you can also do this by simply pulling up your wedding website on your laptop or phone when you go to meet with your vendors.

If you want to condense your planning information, be more organized, and be kind to the earth, the following are some ways personal wedding websites can help you plan your wedding day the eco-friendly way:

Store Numbers, Receipts, and More 

Forget that old accordion file and instead opt for a streamlined, organized place to store your vendor phone numbers, contacts, and receipts from services. Your wedding website can take care of all this for you!

Send Invitations and Receive RSVPs

Many wedding websites allow you to pay for an invitation option or they already come with a component that allows you to pick your invites and then mail them directly through your site. Save even more paper and shipping and postage costs by sending your invites and receiving your responses electronically.

Share Photos, Directions, Honeymoon Information, and Registry Information

You can plan your wedding the eco-friendly way by using wedding websites because they do more than just act as an electronic organization file. They also allow you to share photos after the occasion is over, send your guests directions to the ceremony and reception sites, and provide honeymoon information. You can even provide registry information, so you can direct everyone to your registry wish list with one click of the mouse.

These are some of the most popular advantages of using a personal wedding websites, but the biggest appeal is the ability to plan your wedding the eco-friendly way!

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