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Plan Your Car Hire for Summer Holidays Trips

By Davedtc @davedtc

car-hireSummer time is all about fun, holidays and travel. Whether you decide to stay close to home or travel abroad, car hire is a great option to go for if you’re on the go. Car hire gives you the freedom of traveling around without having to rely on family or public transport. It is the second best thing to having your own car with you on a trip. However, be aware that during the summer months, when many people are on holiday and may need hired cars, not only will car hire prices be higher, but cars may be sparse as well. If you make wise decisions when organizing your car hire, you can get the car that you want and not pay more than you should. The following are tips that you can take into consideration when hiring a car.

Plan Ahead.
As mentioned, during summer months, more people are on holiday, which means that more people are likely to hire cars. This could result in some negatives for you if you don’t manage to book a fair amount in advance for your car. Firstly, you may not get the car you want; secondly, because of the high number of people requiring rental cars, car hire companies are very likely to increase prices.

Compare Pricing
When arranging to hire a car, don’t just go for the first car hire company that pops into your head. Do your research and compare pricing throughout car hire companies. You may end up saving a large amount of money (which you can put toward your holiday). Be sure to even look at small details. You may think that a particular car hire company is cheaper at first glance, but on closer inspection it may be charging more for other aspects, such as insurance or fuel.

Look out for specials.
The best part about planning ahead is that you have more time to look for and take advantage of car hire specials and deals. Keep an eye out for any special offers and enjoy some extra cash. Another thing to keep in mind is that during peak summer holiday times, car hire companies may advertise what might look like specials, but are simply regular prices compared to the increases they put up.

Choose the right car.
Unless you have loads of cash to play around with, be very particular about the car you choose to hire. You don’t really need a top of the range car to get from point A to B. You simply need a safe, reliable car that will accommodate you and your passengers comfortably. Decide on the car that suits your needs most and, once again, compare prices between car hire companies. There are different classes of vehicles available depending on your needs, so look through these properly. Prices can differ according to the finest of details, such as style and power-remind yourself you are not hiring a car impress anyone.

Fuel policies and insurance.
Remember that hiring a car comes with other costs as well, including car hire insurance and fuel policies. Different car hire companies have different policies, and while some may seem pricier, they may save you in the long run-so make sure you understand these policies before making your call.

When it comes to hiring a car during the summer holidays, it’s okay to seem a little bit stingy. Small things can add up add up to a lot of money saved, so be thorough and try to plan as early in advance as possible.

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