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Pit Bulls Are Good Dogs

By Ciciwriter @suemagic

Jim Crosby interview on Dr. Sue radio show discussing Lennox and BSL


cannot tell ashes by dna test, so bcc could send family any old ashes and say it was Lennox

Jim Crosby would have done a much more extensive assessment evaluation of Lennox which he explained

What to do about BSL

Go talk to your local legislators face to face is best

They figure that if one constituent talks to them in person that equals, l = 1,000

Tell them that Bsl does not work, is not fair

Propose alternative stategies that address behaviors, give them an alternative to BSL.

New bill in Wales focuses on Behavior Not Breed

Should be quantifiable behavior across all breeds with levels of danger and punishment/solutions for each depending on what the danger is

for dog bite incidents

get a warning, get a fine, have to get training, meet some standards, if you don’t do, you go to jail

Jim is going to be teaching folks in the UK about dogs, to work with them, train them how to react, what to look for

There is no one in the UK with Jim’s experience with aggressive and truly dangerous dogs

Humans have responsibilities and should go to jail, and be held accountable… need to look at what did the dog do and why and don’t just say the dog did it or blame breeds

we did racial profiling (we still do in some states, Arizona) with humans, oh that guy looks like a criminal, put him in jail, now kill him…

teach the kids too

educate people and kids on how to treat a dog

If a dog is abused affects a dog’s behavior, starts with the owner

Animal abuse is a known precursor to people abuse

Authorities have to take animal cruelty more seriously

Assess the threat… Dachsunds lead the pack in dog bites, number one …

Lennox is the straw that broke our backs, so many people from so many countries, came together to support Lennoxes cause, we have a responsibility to Lennox to keep this ball rolling

Instead of bsl, there are dogs we have to protect people from, big dogs or little ones

We need to focus on educating legislators around world based on observable and quantifiable behavior not on looks

Racial profiling, we should be learning that we can only control behavior not breeds

Human behavior, human responsibility. place the burden on good and bad human behavior

It is inhumane to punish people or dogs based on looks… has to be based on behavior

Enough is enough

If someone shows up at your door without a warrant, don’t just let them take your dog away, make them take it thru the legal process… defend your dog, resources in uk, dda watch,be courteous but don’t let them take your dog without a warrant…

Make them follow their own rules

Don’t sign papers, if you sign the papers, you are giving them permission to kill your dog, death warrant, don’t sign your rights away

Follow the rules, but make the authorities follow the rules too

Free legal aid in UK

Make sure the attorney understands this dog is part of your family

Question the qualifications of their experts… if they’re using experts

Does the expert meet the criteria?

Don’t give up

Due process

Just because someone complains about your dog does not mean that all is lost

Lennox court document, final[2012]%20NICA%2019/j_j_GIR8515Final.htm

other bloggers opinions

danger of dogs and pit bull attacks

With a US population of 311,591,917 (July 2011) and that year’s 15 dog attack fatalities, your chances of dying in a dog attack (from all breeds combined) is 1 in 20,772,794….almost 21 MILLION! One in over *30 MILLION* from a Pit-Bull or Pit-Mix.

STATISTICALLY in the UNITED STATES, GUESS WHAT BREED TOPPED THE LIST FOR BITES THAT CAUSED SERIOUS INJURIES TO PEOPLE? – Hospital statistics prove it was HUMANS. New York City alone has more people hospitalized with human bites per year than bites by every breed of dog combined in the whole world.
(Humans need to be banned, too.)

How serious is that pit bull threat again???

a story of a police officer and a “vicious” dog (happy ending)

Pit bulls are good dogs

Pit bulls are good dogs

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