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Pissed Off In A Huge Way

By Juliez
Bring back Huge!

Bring back Huge!

I know I’m a little late to jump on the “pissed-off-that-the-show-Huge-was-cancelled” band wagon, but I assumed it would be coming on this summer and — big shocker –it’s not. Is it so much to ask that there is at least one show on television that is not about teen vampires or werewolves or girls that put to much stock in high school and start pissing each other off?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good vampire show and werewolves are cool, too. But being a curvy girl, I would really appreciate a good show for and about curvy people. Do I relate to shows about skinny girls obsessed about social status and fitting in to a pant size smaller than they need? Hell no. But I did relate to Nikki Blonksy’s character Will.

I too am the curvy girl who has parents that focus on my weight rather than who I am. I was also an extremely angry person and snapped at people who mentioned my weight. Will was angry at the world and just when she was about to change, just when she could be someone all curvy girls could look up to and find inspiration in she and the rest of the characters from Huge were cut short.

I’m tired of curvy girls being reduced to the sidekick for the cute, popular, skinny girl or just the awkward comic relief. I am more than that and I know there are millions of curvy girls out there who feel that they are more than that too. Huge may not have been perfect, if we define perfect television as being thin people dealing with thin problems. But considering the fact that the United States is the ninth heaviest nation in the world I would assume that most people would relate. The problems those kids deal with are problems that are real and not going away anytime soon.

Whether or not the show exists, the trials its characters faced on their short lived journey live on in our FAT nation. Yes I use the word curvy but the truth of the matter is the word fat is what we hear and what we live. Fat people of the world unite, and let’s bring this show back.

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