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Pirate’s Booty Mac and Cheese Review

By Courtneysims @courtneynora

I was shopping at Target the other day having one of those “I’m not just going to wait in line to buy one thing” moments. I really needed a box of cereal, but the thought of buying just one item annoyed me. So of course, I just looked around for more things to buy! I ended up finding this Pirate’s Booty Mac and Cheese and could not help myself. I LOVE those Pirate’s Booty white cheddar snacks. Like, LOVE THEM. We used to get them in the office all the time when I was working in Chicago and I’d eat them for breakfast more times than I care to admit. So, I bought a box and ate it that very same day.

Pirate's Booty Mac and Cheese

Pirate’s Booty Mac and Cheese Review

Sauce: The sauce was definitely okay. I like a stronger cheese flavor, but it wasn’t overly salty and it was creamy. It did dry up a little faster to the noodles than some sauces, but if you stir it up, you’d find some on the bottom of your bowl!

Pirate's Booty Boxed Mac and Cheese Review

Pasta: Standard macaroni noodles. I’m a fan!

Overall: Overall this was a decent boxed mac and cheese. Not my favorite, but also not as bad as some of the others I’ve tried.

Pirate's Booty Mac and Cheese Review

Would I eat it again? Probably not. I am too much of a sucker for Annie’s or Kraft when it comes to standard boxed mac and cheese. They do have other shapes and flavors and I will definitely be looking for the Anchors & Sharp White Cheddar. I’ll let you know when I get my hands on that!

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