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Pirate Patch Therapy

By Blondie @heyblondieblog
Sometime last year I thought I was seeing OM's right eye go out to the side when he was looking at me. Dagwood didn't really see it at first but one day said he had seen the same thing happen. During a routine office visit we mentioned it to Dr H who wanted us to go to a peds eye dr. We went to the first appt and the dr was unable to manipulate his eye to going out so we made a followup in 3 months and were just to watch for more frequency.
At the followup appt she made it go out once but still said to just keep an eye on it and see if it happened more often. We made a 6 month appt but have been noticing it almost daily so we went in on the 15th. OM had a more thourough eye exam and we showed a picture where it is obvious his eye is out-turning. She mentioned him having a v-pattern and also that he is near sighted. So we began patch therapy and know that within the next few years he will begin wearing glasses. Won't our little guy be so cute in glasses?!
OM has done amazing with the patches! We thought it might be a battle but Saturday the 17th we went to a children's pharmacy where they sell Krafty Patches and let him pick out which ones he wanted. We sat at the picnic table outside the pharmacy, made one and he wore it for the full 2 hours! We alternate eyes trying to do 2 hours a day and take Sundays off.
Here are a few pics of OM the pirate!
Pirate Patch Therapy
Pirate Patch Therapy
Pirate Patch Therapy
Pirate Patch Therapy Kids are so adaptable and amazing! I just love this little man!

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