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Piranha Found In Europe Near Illegal Border Crossing Point

By Petslady @petslady

Two piranhas have been caught in the Evros River along the border between Greece and Turkey. On July 31 a Turkish fisherman caught an 18-inch piranha in the river, which started the mystery. Then this week a Red-Bellied Piranha (Photo by Cliff/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Red-Bellied Piranha (Photo by Cliff/Creative Commons via Wikimedia)Greek fisherman caught a 9-inch piranha while rod-fishing on the river using sweet corn as bait -- deepening the mystery.

The fish, known for their sharp teeth and voracious appetites, are native to the Amazon River in South America. The Evros River is a major point of entry for illegal immigrants from Asia coming into Europe. It is not yet known how these South American immigrants made it to a river in southern Europe. However, it is likely that someone had the fish in an aquarium and emptied it into the river.

Any remaining piranhas are unlikely to have a great impact on the other species. Piranhas are used to a much warmer climate and are unlikely to survive long in the Evros.

Sources: Rianovsti, Ekathimarini

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