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Pinterests of the Week

By Shanlakes
leighton meester
Well it's official. I have spent more time on Pinterest this week than doing any other activity. I somehow spend hours and hours going through every type of pin out there, literally you name it: quotes, celebrities, DIY, nails, toes, hair, beauty, makeup, cooking, desserts, movies, ...I could go all day. So now that I've planned an imaginary wedding on pinterest, designed a future house (bathroom, kitchen, hallways, baby rooms), stalked Ryan Gosling, read every eCard every made, studied recipes, and mastered at least 7 DIY...I can now start my "real-life day"... which may I add is nowhere as fun as my pinterest life. I hope you all have as productive of a day as I'm having! xx
jennifer lawerence bradley cooper
kristin cavallari
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