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Posted on the 16 July 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

In today’s latest Domain Movers we detect a lot of newly purchased domain names by some of the largest companies in the world. These “new” domain names can be used in future marketing campaigns, future brands and bunch more.

Not only do we detect newly purchased domains that were owned by somebody prior, we present newly registered domain names by large companies and also domains that are just on the move in some fashion for one reason or another.

Lets get started:

CooperVision has registered the domain names .net .biz and .info adding to its domain name portfolio of over 700 domain names. was registered prior with Key-Systems and owned by a “Funnray” using SedoParking but the domain expired on January 4, 2014.

WorldPay UK Ltd. has registered the domain name adding to its small domain portfolio of under 60 domains. They use as there main domain name.

Bayer AG registered the domain name adding to its domain portfolio of over 13,000 domain names. They use corporate domain name service CSC Corporate Domains. has been acquired by CSC Corporate Domains client Brown-Forman Corporation. The domain name has been registered since June 16, 2002 and was owned by Protopixel Pty Ltd. with the domain being registered at and parked with Fabulous prior.

Morris Communications, LLC has registered the domain name adding to its domain portfolio of over 4,700 domain names. They use the domain name as its main domain.

Microsoft Corporation has registered the domain names / .net. They also registered / .net  and They do not currently own according to whois records but that domain is for sale and holds a listing with a $999 BIN.

They also registered the domain names / .net

Microsoft also acquired from “Marketing Express” out of Grand Cayman who had the domain listed with at the time. The domain transferred from to on June 5, 2015 under privacy and on July 1, 2015 transferred to MarkMonitor and displaying Microsoft as the owners. They also acquired the domain which was owned by The .org is for sale but currently they did not acquire that one.

Barnes & Noble which long has redirected the two letter domain name to (why they do not use it as a main domain could be discussed) and also included the domain in its logo, has name servers away from to and also removed the domain from its logo. The domain still redirects to the main website.

Barnes & Noble own several great generic domain names like:,,,, BiographyBooks, and more. has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. Fisher Investments own the .com and are a MM client. The domain was owned by prior.

Target Brands, Inc. registered the domain name adding to its domain portfolio of over 3,000 domain names.

Electronic Arts Inc. has registered the domain name adding to its 5,600+ other domain names.

Activision Publishing, Inc. has gained control over the domain name which is the next installment of Call Of Duty, which is set to release in November 2015. The domain has been registered since November 24, 2012 and has been owned by Marcelo Balieiro Fischer of Brazil according to whois records. The domain transferred into Dynadot (a known registrar to hide corporate domains) on April 20, 2015 under privacy. The domain has since transferred to MarkMonitor and displays Activision as the owners. was registered in 2013 and is for sale at currently.

The games name is displayed on the cover as: Call Of Duty: Back Ops III

The official websites page title on lists it as: Call of Duty®: Black Ops 3

Home Box Office, Inc. registered the domain names, and . HBO has also taken the domain name and redirects it to page showing “Making Of: Girls Season 5”. They are using Amazon hosting to do the redirect and they registered the domain in August 2013. They also redirected to that respective page.

The Coca-Cola Company has acquired the domain name according to whois records. The domain has been registered since April 16, 2013. Coca Cola doesn’t appear to own or etc so this purchase currently fits in the “hmmm” category currently. was listed for sale on Afternic with a $500 make offer minimum but that listing remains.

NetNames has acquired the domain name from Vertical Axis. Barclays was the buyer, and they own and, which are also registered with NetNames.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation did a spin-off of Halyard Health Inc. in October 2014 and now KCC is redirecting the domain names,,,,, and to specific pages on on For an example, redirects to . IMO that is NOT a good idea. They are redirecting to 1 product, yet 39 products exist on when I searched that relate to different types of face masks. At a minimum, the domain should do a server side redirect to which displays the 39 different face masks offered. goes directly to and a quick search on the website reveals… nothing. One would need to click “Products” which reverts to the sub-domain Then one needs to search “lab gloves” and 14 results reveal products but several of those are “lab coats”. A quick search using “gloves” and 8 results are displayed. The domain should redirect to that search at a minimum IMO!

Several nice and useful domain names that IMO are not being used all that great!

Hayneedle Inc. which owns the domain name and has had those domain names transfer out of Ascio to GoDaddy and go under privacy protection. Name servers also changed at the time of the transfer. The IP address remains as Hayneedle, and the same websites prior resolve currently. It is currently not clear for the reason of this movement. remains at Ascio. Hayneedle owns about 3,800 domain names according to with nearly all of them with NetNames / Ascio.

In general, Hayneedle owns many great generic product domain names like,,,,,, and many more.

Hayneedle’s Wikipedia page states “In the spring of 2014, all of the niche sites previously in operation under the Hayneedle, Inc. umbrella were rolled into the flagship,, in an effort to offer everything home on one convenient site and further solidify the brand as a single, identifiable experience.”

Limited Stores, LLC ( has registered two new domain names and those are and |.net |.org have been registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client using the DnStination Inc. in whois records.

Netflix, Inc. registered the domain name NFLX is the stock ticker for Netflix and there is an ad:tech.

Johnson & Johnson registered the domain names, and According to, REACH floss brand has now become Listerine floss. Out of the department of WTF, J&J has not registered the domain name as it’s available to register (I would advise you not to register it either due to the Listerine trademark) but it would be a wise and make sense domain for J&J to own with the brand switch from REACH floss to Listerine Floss.

Southwest Airlines registered several new domain names and those are: |.net |.net, |.net |.net and (they do not own the .com but it’s for sale on Sedo for $950 BIN) |.net, |.net

These registrations may have something to do with the DOJ investigating potential airline price collusion that was announced recently. has been acquired at Sedo by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client from The domain had a $2,095 BIN and has been registered since March 28, 2010. which had been registered at under whois privacy has transferred to MarkMonitor under the generic DnStination Inc. whois information. Name servers have been set to but a website doesn’t resolve at time of publishing.

Thank you for checking out Domain Movers! Did you like it? Feel free to post a comment if you did or didn’t. Let me know how I can improve it or if I should keep doing what I’m doing! I enjoy your feedback and consider all recommendations.

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