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Pindros Takes the Brunt of Degel's Chaos

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

I always like a little political chaos. It keeps things interesting.
Degel Hatorah was just thrown into a major municipal crisis last night, as if the troubles between them and Shlomei Emunim and Agudat Yisrael weren't enough.
Last night Yitzchak Pindros, the Degel candidate for mayor in Elad was invalidated by the courts. After all that fighting between Degel and Shlomei Emunim about that position, it all became moot when the court said Pindros can't even run, for technical reasons. The decision is not open to appeal, but Degel says they will go to the Supreme Court about this.
After that, the courts invalidated the candidacy of Degel's preferred mayoral candidate in Haifa. This was also for technical reasons, but different ones.
The court still has to decide about the candidacy of Moshe Abutbol in Bet Shemesh, as there is a petition claiming the process of his filing for candidacy was improper and after the deadline. It doesn't really sound like this case has a solid basis, and I expect it to be rejected, but you never know with the courts and legal details.
Degel has taken a big hit in the past day. It throws things up into a bit of chaos and havoc just two weeks to elections...
The worst of it is that a good Degel politician, Yitzchak Pindros, who seems to be well respected and liked in the previous positions in which he functioned, has to take the brunt of it. Pindros had to quit his job in city council in Jerusalem in order to run in Elad. He also had to move his place of residence to Elad, and take himself off the Degel list in Jerusalem. Now Pindros cannot run in Elad, and he also cannot go back to running in Jerusalem. Pindros is stuck and is out of politics for now, all because of Degel's shenanigans and their fighting with Porush.
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