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Pinda Sweda

By Lauratri

Yesterday morning – after my exhilarating re-dedication to my practice, I felt fully inspired to get on with a very productive and creative day.

I had a 2 hour massage scheduled in for the evening, and it was going to be the fist time that I used Pinda Sweda.  This was the final session of 4 booked in with my client, and up until this point I’d just been using the oils.   The oils are fabulous and as one of the fundamental features of Ayurvedic massage, really work as a stand-alone…but the Pinda Sweda just takes it up to the next level.

I guess I hadn’t braved the use of Pinda Sweda since my studies simply because it takes a lot of preparation…

boil the rice
First step is to boil the rice.

I killed two birds with one stone and made my breakfast (rice porridge) at the same time.  I’m not sure how much to use – but have gone for 1/4 cup for my breakfast, and 1/2 cup for Pinda Sweda.

chop up the rosemary
Then…you chop the rosemary, or lavender, or whatever herb you like!  I’ve gone for Rosemary because its cut fresh from the garden.  I’m beginning to think that if I lived in the olden days I would have liked to have been a witch doctor.  Why oh why has it taken me so many years to realise that I LOVE all of this stuff!  Natural remedies, herbs and oils….all the possible concoctions one can make and grow.  Definitely something I’ll be pursuing later on….

cut the fabric
Then…whilst the rice is cooling (and after I’ve eaten my breakfast) I cut a square out of some fabric I bought from a market in Brighton.  You don’t need to dress like a freak!  I still don’t have any winter clothes so have taken to layering up with anything I can find, and wait patiently for the winter to pass.  Shortest day of the year is just round the corner….after which we turn the corner and venture back towards sunshine and warmth…(fingers crossed)

mix it with the rice
Then….we mix the herbs and rice and put in a neat pile in the centre of the square piece of fabric.

I have no idea if this is enough…too much, too little…Looks about right – and one can only learn through trial and error.

(turns out it was a little bit too much – so next time I’ll go with 1/4 cup for Pinda Sweda)

Tie a knot
Then we tie the knot – and VOILA!!

Here, before your very eyes – I present you with a Pinda Sweda!

One of the most fabulous and unique attributes to the Ayurvedic massage.

Isn’t it beautiful!

What do you do with it you may ask…

Well, You invest in a “mini-compact” steamer, which turns out to not be so mini or compact afterall, and you lug it about with you to whichever clinic you’re working at that day, and let it do its magic.  In about ten minutes time you have a steaming hot rice pack, ready to use on the client, and despite the additional time and weight of carrying everything – it’s completely worth it.

My journey into Brighton is on the rickety, often smelly, no. 12 double-decker bus that sways in the wind as you cross through the downs past Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters.  In the daylight its one of the most strikingly beautiful journeys.  White cliffs, violent oceans, and clear blue skies; but in the night-time its impenetrable and cold.  Passengers look like turtles as their heads disappear into the collars of their zipped up, tightly clutched coats.

I had three bags with me to contain the long list of massaging tools, accessories and necessities, piled up precariously on my knee, recently rescued from the dribbling remnants of the dented can of red bull rolling backwards and forwards down the aisle.

I couldn’t see a thing through the black black window, other than the reflection of my great beaming smile.

How happy I am to be doing all of this….How grateful I am to everyone and everything that got me to this place.

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