Pieces of the Week

Posted on the 05 December 2013 by Emma @lamodedemm
All pieces are inspired by what I call the KANYESWAG. This is based on blacks and leather which seems to be SOO in at the mo, so let's ROLL ...

ASOS REVOLUTION ACADEMY Ankle BootsASOS REVOLUTION ACADEMY Ankle BootsI believe these are the infamous ASOS Academy boots just under a different name.ASOS REVOLUTION Ankle BootsCroc Chunky Black Platform 90's Cut Out Boots ShusoleI love the croc texture of these cut out boots I found at Shusole

Lena Parental Print T-Shirt Oversized Dress In Black

Lena Parental Print T-Shirt Dress In Black, Miss Guided

Checked print trousers, Zara

Retro Flip-up Lady GaGa Minnie Mouse Sunglasses Black

Retro Flip-up Sunglasses Black, The WhitePepper

H&M Leather Bib Dungarees Trousers
Leather Dungarees, H & M
Pieces of the Week

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