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By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Picture of the Day
This image was from a protest last night in Tel Aviv against the government. The focus of this protest was the lack of government assistance to small businesses and freelancers struggling due to COVID-19 restrictions... supposedly it was attended by over 10,000 people.
This protest has a lot of support due to its focus, but many are outrages that so many people were allowed to go together, many without masks or without wearing masks properly, yet the police are so quick to enforce regulations in Haredi areas if someone is seen without a mask. While the entire country seems to have lost confidence in the government's handling of CoronaVirus, and in the police's enforcement of the guidelines, the Haredi community seems to have lost confidence doubly so. It is amazing that this is happening with the Haredi parties at an all time high in power and influence in the government and after almost blindly supporting Netanyahu for the past several years and especially in the past 16 months of 3 rounds of elections and coalition building.
I would note that I have no idea if police gave out fines or not to participants in the protest who were not wearing face masks, but the assumption is that they did not.
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