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Posted on the 23 November 2016 by Gldmeier @gldmeier

Picture of the Day
Bet Shemesh, among other cities, was awarded the prize of 5 stars of beauty for being a beautiful city in Israel.
When Haredi journalist Aryeh Ehrlich posted this to Twitter, he added his own comment calling this an award ceremony reminiscent of Salah Shabati, and said it is just a shame that the residents of these cities do not actually get to benefit from a reasonably clean city.
A number of people, not just from Bet Shemesh, responded to Ehrlich with comments and pictures showing how cynical this prize is considering how dirty the streets of some of these cities are...
I would add that the City of Bet Shemesh posted the award to its Facebook page and gave some background. It is too long to translate in full, but I will point out the following part of it..
"Mr. Goldberg, in charge of the department of city beauty and cleanliness, detailed the plans that were prepared by professionals for revamping the city after many years that care was neglected in the budget and in manpower. ..
Mr Goldberg described the new equipment purchased for this purpose, municipal cars that travel around the city from early morning until late at night, the manpower situation that has been increased, and a description of the intensive activities performed by the city employees in double shifts prior to the holidays. The judges were impressed from the details presented and agreed that for many years Bet Shemesh did not place well from the perspective of investing in cleanliness.
The judges stressed that even though the "revolution" has not yet come to fruition clearly in parts of the city, and despite the fact that there is still vast room for improvement in the general appearance of the city, the program that has begun and is goign forward at a satisfactory pace speaks for itself and shows that the issue of city cleanliness takes its worthy place in city administration."

In other words, it is like the Nobel Prize Obama won immediately after winning the presidency before he actually did anything - it is being awarded for potential rather than for actual accomplishment.
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