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By Gldmeier @gldmeier


source: Kikar

the various Haredi mayors (including Moshe Abutbol of Bet Shemesh, pictured above) around Israel have joined a march from Yerucham to Jerusalem to join the fight of the mayor of Yerucham to demand an increased budget from the government for the poorer municipalities as part of a change in the distribution of government funding to municipalities. They say that children in poorer cities receive government funding at far lower rates than children from wealthier cities. I should note, the march includes not just Haredi mayors but mayors of many cities around Israel from the cities rated low on the socioeconomic scale.
The march is supposed to arrive in Jerusalem next week. I hope they don't walk the entire way in their suits and ties. It is a little too hot for that. I also suspect they are not walking "straight", but will walk just a little bit each day and then go home, go back to work or wherever, and then continue with a little bit more each subsequent day.
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