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By Gldmeier @gldmeier

Picture of the Day
When "bounty hunters" (not really bounty hunters, but that is what I will call them) from the army came to Ashdod looking to arrest  some Haredi people who were AWOL (hadn't filed the necessary papers to defer army service), they thought they were going to be going up against some people with pasty skin and weak muscles from not getting sun or exercise as they sit in the beis medrash and learn all day.
They quickly found out that the community protesting and fighting on behalf of the AWOL folks are neither weak, nor pushovers, though they might or might not have pasty skin... The AWOL defenders protested, as they often do, and even overturned the army vehicle...
Obviously the claim that such tremendous masmidim are not appropriate for the army and couldn't handle the violence and the lifestyle are all incorrect. As the picture above indicates, they are organized, they are strong, and they have no problem fighting and using violence when necessary.
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