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By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Picture of the Day
PM Netanyahu had mentioned to Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat that due to all the security issues he has not really had a chance to see the rejuvenated downtown Jerusalem. So Barkat took Netanyahu to see the night-life, the light rail route and some other important and central locations.
But that is not why this picture earned the title of Picture of the Day.
The reason is because of the seemingly extremely friendly and convivial evening between the Netanyahus and the Barkats. They had dinner together and went for a night out on the town. Considering that very recently we heard about the existence of bad blood between them, due to Zeev Elkin being appointed Minister of Jerusalem instead of the position either being given to Barkat or left open entirely, the working double date with everyone looking so happy is a bit of a surprise.
And no, I don't think he had to do it. I have not heard of Netanyahu or any other prime minister taking a tour around any city, including Jerusalem, to see the nightlife. This was something out of the ordinary, which makes me think the bad blood is behind them.


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