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Pictograph Chinese Characters Learning Methods

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The Chinese language learners have mounted as an international power due to its ample of advantages. Many learners chase to study mandarin in Beijing to make the condition more stimulating for starting Chinese language programs. Abroad, to the language county of origin, the learners will learn more practical tools and better ideas on how to sustain and create the process of their learning towards greater proficiency.


atudy mandarin in beijin: The Chinese character 書

The Chinese character 書, in semi-cursive script. (Photo credit: Erin Silversmith, vía Wikipedia)

Therefore, if you wan to utilize online to begin your Chinese language learning, there’s always a way to make the procedure easier too, while experiencing unique and entertaining moment with the Internet. There are Chinese languages drawn from mandarin training center via online that are sometimes offered for free of costs.

In this section, will help you learn about the learning methods of Chinese language pictograph characters without a need to study mandarin in Beijing; hence, on the best learning practices you can get.

Primarily, you have to know first that the Chinese antique script origin is incredibly long with reference to its history and there is no documentary resources concerning it. For how many long years from now, the Chinese characters are traced by people in each generation by making records through tying knots in strings everyday. And it was Ts’ang Chieh (the official historian and legend said it has 4 eyes), who made the historical record in the court of the China’s first King, Emperor Huang Ti.

He pictograph of Chinese language is composed of 75,000 of characters, but a great number of it are no longer used in the present days so it has  remaining 3,000 pictograph characters that are used today on a regular basis. Every character range from easy to hard ones; and to begin in a less difficult characters, learners can acquire their knowledge to pick up terms that will be harder.


  • Chinese pictograph is important to master in a way of different strokes.
  • There are 12 fundamental strokes in the symbols in modern printing.
  • Each syllable will have a sum of 1-64 strokes.
  • An addition or subtraction of the brush stroke will change the meaning of the printed character.


If you want additional information about the different methods of pictograph Chinese characters, you can perform it by means of web search to make known all the meanings of pictograph characters.

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