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Photos Were Made for Friends

By Teju Adisa-Farrar @MissTeju_Global
Photos Were Made for FriendsThese are two of my best friends: Heran (left) an Cheryl (right). We all met in college and fell in-love with each other, now we are like family. Although we are all similar in some ways (Cheryl and I being extremely similar), we are all very different and that is reflected in our style. Cheryl looks great in an over-sized sweater and skinnies; that is her uniform. I'm always wearing jewelry and sunglasses; and Heran likes colors and comfort. This picture is from last Fall and it not only captures how happy we are when we we're together, but also our different styles (even though you can not fully see what we are wearing). It's important to embrace the differences and similarities between your friends and yourself. When everyone is a trying to be like each other, you loose the joy and dynamism of difference. Fashion is about difference and similarities. Runways shows all have trends and seasons, but it is the way that each designer understands and expresses the trend that makes fashion so fun and multifaceted. It's not about wearing the exact outfit you see on the mannequin, it's about being creative and trying new things, which can be done while still staying true to your style. 
Happy Wednesday Loves,

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