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Photos: Ryan Kwanten in ‘The Right Kind of Wrong’

Posted on the 05 October 2012 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

The True Blood cast definitely doesn’t have a shortage of things to do during their off time from the hit HBO show.  Ryan Kwanten, who Truebies know as Jason Stackhouse, has been spending some of his hiatus in Alberta, Canada working on the movie ‘The Right Kind of Wrong’.  Filming of the movie has just wrapped in Calgary but the concept has been in the works since 1997.  Producer Robert Lantos, who was behind the remake of ‘Barney’s Version’, tells the Calgary Herald that it is hard to make an ambitious, independent film.  The movie is based on the novel ‘Sex and Sunsets’ by Tim Sandhill.

It tells the story of Leo Palomino (Kwanten), a failed writer who works as a dishwasher and has become the main fodder for a popular blog written by his ex-wife that outlines his shortcomings. He falls in love with Colette (Sara Canning) on the day she is set to marry into the rich Hart family. Nevertheless, Leo stubbornly sets his sights on his dream girl. Hi-jinks ensue.

Enthusiastic True Blood fans have been so relentless at finding Kwanten while he has been filming that they have had to relocate him.  When asked about his character Kwanten says:

It’s his commitment to the cause that separates him from most other leading men.  He’s willing to go to the extreme for what he believes in. Whether that be writing his novel, he’s not going to compromise or sellout to anyone; or in his private life in his unwavering quest to find the love of his life. When he does find that, in Collete, he’ll stop at nothing.

Ryan McPartlin plays Danny Hart, Kwanten’s rival in the film and he says once of the things he likes most about the movie is the way it puts a different spin on rom-com’s.  Traditionally there is the bad guy, the nice guy and the nice girl but in this movie, Hart is just as nice as Leo. 

We have some pictures from the set for you below where you can see some of the crazy situations Kwanten finds himself in – such as a handgliding incident.  To read more of the article in the Calgary Herald, including how they found the site of the Hart family ranch, click here to check out the full article.  ‘The Right Kind of Wrong’ hits theaters in fall 2013.

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Source: CalgaryHerald.com – Alberta Ranch plays host to stars of romantic comedy, The Right Kind of Wrong

Image Credit: Sabrina Lantos

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