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Photos of the Tiny House

By Coreyamaro

Many of you have asked, nearly begged to see photos of the tiny house. I too wanted to take photos of the little house, but one can only do so much. We started working on the little house a few days before New Year's Eve. When I saw the tiny house, the bathroom was done, the entire interior was painted white and there was one object inside... a lamp shade.

The goal was to keep it simple, keep the cost down and put something together clean, livable and charming for Maggie's arrival. Pans, pots, utensils, light bulbs, towels, dishes, a bed, chairs, bowls, a bath mat, hangers, a garbage can, a mirror... everything had to be bought heating added, plus a kitchen. Eric, the son of the family and I had less than ten days in total to get it done. How we did it is beyond me.

Provence home

If I could white would not be the color I would have painted the walls. In this case it makes it feel cold, stark... the tiny house is not at all that, so I plan to repaint it in time, and wall paper the kitchen with some old wallpaper I found in the attic. But that adventure took a back burner as having furniture was more important.

The entrance.

My goal was to find, collect, loan and buy items that would give the tiny house a feel of 1900s Provence country style, plus do so with a minimum budget.

 The dining room.


Claire L. do you notice the flower petal ornament you made me awhile ago?

The Tiny House in Provence

The kitchen 

Tiny House in Provence

Provence Corey Amaro

The entrance is on the bottom which goes directly up to the dining room/kitchen, then you go up again to the bedroom/bathroom/spare room.

The tiny house could be called a gym. 

The bedroom.

The Tiny House in Provence

Hand fans found in the attic.

Timy house in Procence

That desk was found in the attic.

Buried under a ton of debris.

Dusty was another word for cobwebs.

Eric and his son carried it down four flights of stairs and then up three flights of stairs to the tiny house. How they did it in the tiny stairwell was nothing short of magic.

I painted it, that was the easiest part.

On the back bookshelf 48 english novels await to be read.

That back image, a 1900s needlepoint canvas, I bought years ago at a brocante. It measures seven feet long. I carried it from my house to the tiny house, 350 steps, then hiked that puppy up three flights of stairs, twisting, turning, swearing, nearly dropping it, arms aching... Then gave a high five to the wall... I think that is how I lost a pound. If I had a beer in my pocket I would have drank it in one gulp.

 My cousin Judy made me the little pillow seven years ago.

Bedding Ikea.

Black, white, dark gray cotton toile.

I hope to find dark gray lampshades, minor detail, and a curtain for the window, also another piece that I hope French Husband and Sacha will carry up this weekend.


Provence home

The desk that we found at a second hand shop that did not have a key... remember?

I painted it, and added a decoupage finish inside. We left the found key and tag in the lock for memory sake.

Living in Provence

Provence Brocante

A large hand painted canvas hangs in the stairwell. 

House in Provence

French Decor

The Tiny House in Provence

Timy house in Procence

More to come as I took these photos before Maggie arrived and before I was done with the tiny house. But at least it gives you an idea....

Photos of the Tiny House
Photos of the Tiny House
Photos of the Tiny House
Photos of the Tiny House
Photos of the Tiny House
Photos of the Tiny House

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