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Photos: 10 Best Cold Weather Dog Breeds for a Family with Children

By Pawsforreaction @PawsForReaction

Photos: 10 best cold weather dog breeds for a family with children10 best cold weather dog breeds for a family
Active families in cold weather regions who are interested in adopting a dog will be looking for a breed that can tolerate the frigid climate and play in the snow with the children. The list of Nordic dogs is a long one but not all of those dog breeds will fit into a family with children. Small children and even older kids need a pet that can tolerate playing and activity just as much as it can tolerate four seasons. Kids need a dog breed that is patient and loving to ensure that all play is safe play.
These 10 cold weather dogs are the best breeds to introduce to a family with children. Although many are larger breeds it is important to remember that when the dog has an even temperament it is easy to train so the size tends to matter less. With the proper training a giant breed dog can be just as easy to manage as a small dog. Many large and giant breed owners swear by their family friendly dogs as being great companions for children. Check out the 10 best cold weather dogs for a family. CLICK HERE to read more on Paws For Reaction!

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