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Photography – Cuttlefish Crisp

By Spunktitude @spunktitud3
Making Cuttlefish

I enjoy snacking on cuttlefish crisps, but this was the first time I saw it being freshly prepared in front of my eyes at Chai Wee Cuttlefish, Chinatown Complex #02-59/65…how very interesting. They make pig ear biscuits on-the-spot too…a pity it wasn’t made on that day. I was so desperate to try some of their pig ear biscuits – I begged the owner to give me some to try. The amused lady gave me half a packet from her own stash. How embarrassing, lol.Am glad I found this stall, in our race to automate everything we can (other than giving birth via robots), we have lost the human touch that everything feels emotionless, cold. So it’s great to see how my cuttlefish crisps are receiving much loving attention – and it’s so worth the extra carbs, burrrrp! :)

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