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Photographing the Dead by @deankoontz

By Pamelascott

A self-styled artist is getting away with murder in Death Valley. If all goes well, so will Nameless. In part two of the Nameless series, the relentless avenger is haunted by nightmares of the past and visions of what's to come.

Palmer Oxenwald's hunting ground is the Mojave wasteland. His victims are random tourists and hikers. His trophies are cherished photographs of the damage he's done. His greatest threat is Nameless. Two men with one thing in common: memories of the dead. For a psychopath like Palmer, they're a clear rush in black and white. For Nameless, they're visions of violence buried and erased. But for how long?

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz comes Photographing the Dead part of Nameless, a riveting collection of short stories about a vigilante nomad, stripped of his memories and commissioned to kill. Follow him in each story, which can be read or listened to in a single sitting.


[Sometimes a girl who doesn't like guns is nevertheless obliged to carry one if she's got any common sense at all]


(Amazon Original Stories, 12 November 2019, 58 pages, ebook, borrowed from @AmazonKindle #PrimeReading)



I enjoyed this second outing with the mysterious and elusive Nameless. He still remains a mystery. I wonder if he will ever remember his name and identity. Will he ever find out who Ace of Diamonds, the man who sends him on his missions really is? Who's pulling Nameless's strings? I enjoyed Photographing the Dead a tiny bit more than the first tale. I could have happily read something much longer because Nameless and his strange missions intrigue me.

Photographing Dead @deankoontz

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