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Phnom Phen, Cambodia – Killing Fields, Shooting Range, National Museum and Romdeng Restaurant

By Sonyaandtravis @sonyaandtravis

Back in Phnom Phen we visited a few more of the cities sites, including visiting the Killing Fields, shooting an AK-47, shopping at the Central Market, visiting the National Museum and ate some unusual food at Romdeng Restaurant.

Choeung Ek Killing Fields

A chilling reminder of the atrocities during the Khmer Rouge regime, of one million people were executed in the area with many mass open graves located in the area. Today there is a memorial marked by a stupa which encases the skulls of those that were murdered.


Thunder Ranch Shooting Range

Located nearby Choeung Ek is the Thunder Ranch Shooting Range run by a unit of the Royal Cambodian Army. For forty dollars I had a taste of a noisy AK-47 assault rifle.

National Museum of Cambodia

A nice museum with plenty of Buddhist statues of devas and deities. The photographs below were taken in the surrounds of the museum.



Romdeng Restaurant

A nice way to finish Phnom Phen and our Cambodia trip, unusual foods were no-uncommon in Cambodia, having already tried fried tarantula and fresh lotus seeds. That night we order a jackfruit salad, lotus root salad,  a beef dish with fried tree ants, among other dishes.

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