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Philips Seaco Intelia HD8753/83 Automatic Espresso Machine

By Indian Food Freak @IFoodFreak

Philips-Saeco-Intelia-One-Touch-BlackI am fond of coffee and am happy with either a Cappuccino or an espresso depending on the mood and time. Like most, I also enjoy coffee at cafe joints and still do not have a coffee machine at home. So when someone managing Philips PR called to check if I would like to use Philips coffee machine for a week, I happily agreed.

The sleek looking coffee compact machine along with a pack of coffee beans was duly received at my home the next day. I started by calling the customer service for installation which was quick and courteous. The service personnel not only installed and demonstrated the machine but also got 0.5l of milk for the demo. Thoughtful!

The Philips Seaco Intelia HD8753/83 Automatic Espresso Machine which works on the principle on bean-to-cup does everything from grinding to frothing and can make 4-5 cups without requiring water refill.

Here is my experience with the machine:

Design: Sleek & compact. Parts are made of steel, ABS and looks durable.

Noise level: I had kept the coffee machine in drawing room and the noise levels were quite less, perhaps due to the ceramic grinder

Time to Coffee: It took approx. 2 min to get first cup of coffee and lesser for each subsequent cup, which is good

Ease of understanding: I could easily learn to operate the machine with help of manual, and the display icons

Froth: Dense and long lasting froth gave the coffee a better taste however the steamed water did fell outside the cup at times

Cleaning the machine: Machine cleans and descales every time it is switched on or before every first cup of coffee, ensuring auto cleansing

Overall Verdict: The machine is handy and easy to use, and I found the Philips machine to ensure perfect cup of coffee, mug after mug. However given the steep MRP of Rs75000 and market operative price of Rs 65000, is clearly a deterrent for me to get one for home.



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