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Phew, I Can See Her Ear Again

By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
Some good news happened today. Finally.
We went to the clinic to have Angel's stitches removed. She was really my gutsy little girl and though she clung onto me like a petrified, tearful koala bear, she didn't squirm about too much and obediently let the nurse do her job.
When the nurse tore off her bandage, along came off many strands of her baby soft, silky smooth hair. *ouch* Interestingly, the nurse cut all but didn't manage to remove all the threads (we guess she couldn't see clearly) and she started to tape up the wound. Jw had to tell her umpteen times but she wasn't able to spot them, in the end he took over the tweezers, removed two remaining strands and the nurse said "Wow, you can come and work here!" Well, what can I say, I was just so glad he came with us.
Though the wound is still very much evident and needs to be plastered for another three weeks, at least it's a load off my mind to know that there are no more creepy fibres in my baby's ear.
Phew, I can see her ear again
The nurse laughed at us but jw and I just thought we should take a picture of these for remembrance. And a reminder that we should be better at protecting our child.
Phew, I can see her ear again
There, at least her ear is visible once more now and while I dread to see the mark left behind by this terrible incident, I can only be thankful that at least my precious darling is safe and sound.
Mummy promises to take better care of you from now on, okie?

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