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Phenomenal Tanning Mousse from Vita Liberata

By Evette Garside @evette77

The sun has been shining a lot up our way recently and for once it actually feels like a real Summer. Summer is tanning season and if, like myself you have light skin and find it hard to tan naturally then faking is the next best thing. When using fake tan products it's best to pay that little bit more for better quality stuff. The last thing anyone wants is to walk round resembling a patchy Oompa Loompa.

Phenomenal tanning mousse from Vita liberata

I have tried and tested many fake tan brands, some of them down right terrible and some of them pretty good. One of my favourite brands is Vita Liberata. They have many types of tanning products in a choice of shades (usually light, medium and dark) the choices being lotions, mousse, oil and bronzing powders. My favourite type of tanning product are the mousses. I find them easiest to use and apply.

Phenomenal tanning mousse from Vita liberata
This is the latest product that I'm using this Summer. It's called pHenomenal 2-3 week tan mousse. I have the medium shade, therefore not too light or too dark. Unlike other similar products you don't need to moisturise prior to application, infact the instructions tell you not too. It is also scent free, so no nasty smells.

Phenomenal tanning mousse from Vita liberata

A tanning mitt comes with the product which is essential for application I think.

The mousse glides on so well and dries almost instantly. The results can be seen straight away which really helps with blending and minimises streaking. Although instant colour results can be seen, a more deeper vibrant colour can be seen a few hours after application, once developed. I always apply mine after bathing and leave overnight.

This tan gives a really natural look. It's far from the cheap orange glow from cheaper products and does not streak whatsoever.

Phenomenal tanning mousse from Vita liberata
Phenomenal tanning mousse from Vita liberata

It also lasts for up to 2-3 weeks too without going patchy. And yes I can even shower without it all washing off.

Unfortunately quality products don't come cheap. This tan mousse is £37.50 a bottle. Many people may consider this overpriced but it certainly lives up to its promise. For people like me who find tanning difficult, it's worth that extra bit of cash I think.

This product includes organic extracts and natural ingredients which are accredited by the Soil Association. It does not contain triclosan, GMOs, fragrance, or alchohol. For longest lasting tan, apply three times over 12 to 24 hours, showering with water only before each application.

Buy it direct from Vita Liberata

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