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Pharaoh by @thewilbursmith

By Pamelascott

Pharaoh Tamose lies mortally wounded. The ancient city of Luxor is surrounded, all seems lost.

Taita prepares for the enemy's final, fatal push. The ex-slave, now general of Tamose's armies, is never more ingenious than when all hope is dashed. And this is Egypt's most desperate hour.

With the timely arrival of an old ally, the tide is turned and the Egyptian army feasts upon its retreating foe. But upon his victorious return to Luxor, Taita is seized and branded a traitor. Tamose is dead and a poisonous new era has begun. The new Pharaoh has risen.

Pharaoh Utteric is young, weak and cruel, and threatened by Taita's influence within the palace - especially his friendship with Utteric's younger and worthier brother, Ramases. With Taita's imprisonment, Ramases is forced to make a choice: help Taita escape and forsake his brother, or remain silent and condone Utteric's tyranny. To a good man like Ramases, there is no choice. Taita must be set free, Utteric must be stopped and Egypt must be reclaimed.

From the glittering temples of Luxor to the Citadel of Sparta, PHARAOH is an intense and powerful novel magnificently transporting you to a time of threat, blood and glory. Master storyteller, Wilbur Smith, is at the very peak of his powers.


[Although I would rather have swallowed my own sword than openly admit it, deep in my heart I knew that finally it was over]


(@HarperCollinsUK, 22 September 2016, 384 pages, hardback, borrowed from @GlasgowLib)



The author has been on my TO READ list for ages; since I found out he's written epic novels set in Egypt focusing on legend and myth, things I am endlessly fascinated by. I wish I had got round to reading him sooner as I have an exciting new obsession and many new titles to add to my TBR pile. I thought this was a great book. Well written, engaging and well researched. The book is told from Taita's POV as he recounts the death of his beloved Pharaoh, the rise of his cruel son and his quest to bring Ramases, the real Pharaoh to the throne. This book has so many things to enjoy, supernatural elements, adventure and murder to name but a few. I enjoyed every word. Smith manages to bring ancient Egypt to vivid life. Impressive!

Pharaoh @thewilbursmith

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