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Petition – BC Liquor Laws, Film Screening, and Rio Theatre

By Dinocelotti @TheDabbler

The Rio Theatre in Vancouver has started an online petition to change the laws preventing Alcohol service at Film Screenings. I support the cause, as I have expressed in the past, I think that BC liquor laws are antiquated and nonsensical. I’m not sure how far this petition will take them, but I’m glad they’ve got the ball rolling, I can only hope it catches momentum! Here’s the Rio’s pitch: 


“Help Independent Theatres survive by showing your support to change the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Act that prevents single screen movie theatres from selling alcohol. 

The regulation banning liquor at movie theatres dates back to prohibition, which lasted in B.C. from 1917 to 1921, when the public voted to repeal it. It’s time to change this law that is over 90 years old! Liquor laws need to reflect our modern multimedia society. Policies that hurt our economy and limit arts and cultural events must be removed. 

You can drink alcohol with minors present at arenas, restaurants, recreation centres and bowling alleys, but right now in BC, Cultural Venues with a liquor license are not allowed to screen movies and Movies Theatres are not allowed to apply for a Liquor License. This law is threatening the livelihood of our Independent Single Screen Theatres and it must be changed before more theatres close their doors. 

Movie theatres in the USA and across Canada are allowed to sell alcohol, it’s time for the BC Government to take action!”

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