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Pet Safety Reminders

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
With the 4th of July just a day away, we have been seeing lots of great information across social media outlets on how to keep your pet safe and calm during holiday gatherings and fireworks.
Let's not forget about the danger of heat stroke, what signs to look for and how to prevent it.
Pet Safety Reminders
Tips for Preventing Heat Stroke:
  • Make sure your pet has access to water at all times.
  • DO NOT leave your pet in a parked car even if it's only for a short time.
  • Keep your pet inside or in the shade if it has a predisposed condition such as breathing problems or heart disease.
  • Swimming or wetting your dog down with a hose is a great way to maintain a normal body temperature.
  • Restrict exercise on hot days.

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