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Pet Rent (Rent-a-pet)

Posted on the 30 January 2012 by Bgdn_adrian
Pet rent (Rent-a-pet)Description: On the international market has recently appeared a service that allows dogs to be rented. Whoever wants a pet, but on the short term, can do so by renting it. Such a service has created great scandal among animal lovers; although at that time the rental service provided for stray dogs. For a stray dog, this alternative of "holidays" in the company of a loving family on a monthly basis would be more convenient than staying in the shelter, in a cage. The service is for those who do not have very much time available, travel a lot or live in an apartment so one can not handle such a relationship on the long term. Also the service can be extended not only for renting dogs, but also cats, hamsters, rabbits, parrots and other small animals.
The supply needed for a rental may be included for each animal: a cage, food, toys (depending on each individual animal), etc.. Rent-a-pet acquisition can be started with small pets and their offering for rent / with option to sell or by making contracts with pet shops and existing animal shelters. It will also be necessary to create a site where the price bids shall be submitted, accompanied by pictures of the animals and details of the items offered in the price and details of the optimal care for each animal.
Resources needed: - to study the most effective strategies (acquisition, rental contracts with animal shelters)
Advantages: - if you opt for an agreement with the shelters, the investment is very small
  - For animals in shelters, there are very large benefits
  - This service may cause additional financial resources and animal shelters reduce the number of animals on the streets.
  - Comes to help people who want to test whether or not to acquire this pet on the long-run.
Disadvantages: - it is important to apply certain conditions to the customers, in order to avoid any kind of problem for the animal.
Conclusion: If done correctly, this service not only helps reduce the number of animals on the streets, but also offers better living conditions. Besides, all this can be a profitable business, without much investment.

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