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Pet Matchmaking Site

Posted on the 09 November 2015 by Bgdn_adrian
Pet matchmaking siteA business of identifying potential partners for pet owners can take place online via a website that will include photos, features, pedigree of pets registered in your database.
    To start this business we have to build a site with a suggestive name, to be divided on the type of pet, breed, name, pedigree, owner phone, other observations. With intensive site promotion online and offline, the customers will apper and send the necessary data entry in your online database. To register a pet in the database, the owner will be charged a registration. Once payment was made the pet will be listed in the database, all required or additional specifications will be privided by the owner.     This business represents an efficient and convenient way to identify the right partner for the pet of your customers, saving them from many headaches, searches and ads. By listing they only have to wait to be contacted or the can search the existing registrations for the perfect partnery for their pet. You cand also earn money by selling adds on your site when you gain some popularity/ traffic. 

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