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Pet Friendly Products For At Home Or Road Trips

By Melody Schubert @USATM

Pet Friendly Products For At Home Or Road Trips

When looking for products for our pets we often visit the local Co-Op or Pet Store. Now we have a new alternative where we can find great pet products from the comfort of our home called Petmate.

What happens when a leading manufacturer of pet toys, collars and leashes takes the creative leap and focuses on the safety and well-being of our furry friends? Petmate is a pet-friendly company that not only cares about our pets, but also knows that pet owners want and expect the very best products at affordable prices.

When our order arrived we hoped for the best as we opened the box. We have had experiences where what we saw online was not exactly what we expected to receive, so we held our breath. We have not been disappointed. In fact our pets love the products we received from Petmate. Okay, our cats thought they could live without the pet comb for flea removal and grooming. Then, after a while they decide it was not so bad after all. This is just one of the many great product available at Petmate.

Pet Tip: With more pet owners taking their pets on vacation it's especially important to keep in mind the safety of our furry friends on the road. Check with your local pet store or at Petmate for a harness to secure your furry friends when traveling by car. Think of it this way - You would not let a child sit unprotected in a car - it's best for our pets to be protected too.

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