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Personality Quiz: Which Ballet Character Are You?

By Ballerinablogger
1: What is your favorite color?
a: Purple
b: Red
c: Blue
d: Gold
e: Black
f: Pink
g: White
2: Who do you tend to fall in love with?
a: No one, you are simply too busy for that.
b: The artistic and charming type.
c: The rich guy.
d: Whoever can keep up with your glamorous lifestyle.
e: The strong and handsome hunter.
f: Your rescuer.
g: The brave, adventurous and loyal type.
3: What is your favorite part of ballet class
a: Center work in general. I do it all whether it's graceful turning, long developes or little jumps.
b: Pirouettes... I aim for a triple and I get one too.
c: Grand allegro, I love to jump!
d: Rehearsal, I love to dance with a storyline.
e: Fouttes, my time to shine.
f: Delicate pointe work.
g: Adagio.
4: Your friends would describe you as:
a: A leader. The one they can always depend on.
b: A spitfire.
c: The amiable and carefree one.
d: A dictator.
e: The brave and daredevil-ish one.
f: Innocent, kind and would just like everyone to get along.
g: The shy and quiet one.
5: Which of the following is most important to you?
a: Keeping the peace.
b: Living with passion and just doing what makes you happy.
c: Dancing, it's all you want to do.
d: Getting what you want.
e: Leading an exciting life that's always at full speed ahead.
f: Finding true love.
g: To be happy like you use to be.
6: Your favorite activity is: (aside from dance)
a: I don't have time for any other activities sadly.
b: Putting on a show
c: Dancing... Just dancing
e: Shopping
f: Reading
g: Writing
7: Your greatest flaw would probably be:
a: No one flaw is really significant but you wouldn't call yourself perfect either.
b: Being too spontaneous and not thinking things through.
c: Doing what you want, regardless of how bad for you it may be.
d: Being a bit too selfish.
e: You cause trouble, whether you mean to or not.
f: Being a bit of a pushover.
g: You're often depressed.
8: Favorite style of music is:
a: Slow and soothing.
b: Loud and intense.
c: Soft and pleasant.
d: Depends on what mood I'm in.
e: Sharp and extravagant.
f: Peace full and light so I can tap my foot to it.
g: Slow and sad. Something that will make me cry.
Mostly A's:You're the Lilac Fairy from Sleeping Beauty!
Personality Quiz: Which Ballet Character Are You?Loyal, strong and positive, you enjoy helping other people and are able to show them the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though it sometimes takes a little magic to persuade people to follow your lead, you are fantastic at kindly taking control of any situation. People look up to you not only for your leadership skills but also for your delicate and kind nature.
Mostly B's:You're Kitri from Don Quixote!
Personality Quiz: Which Ballet Character Are You?
Full of fire and passion, you have a zest for life and live it to its fullest. You like to have things done your way and enjoy spur-of-the-moment decisions. Life is an adventure and you're more than ready to embrace it. Perhaps that desire for adventure can get a bit out of hand at times, try to keep it under control. ;) Keep an eye out for your Basilio (not that it'll be easy to miss him).
Mostly C's: You're Giselle!Personality Quiz: Which Ballet Character Are You?Shy and timid at times, you just want to dance. You're a happy and carefree person who just wants to be doing what makes you happy... All the time! You fall for someone with ease, perhaps too much ease causing you to get hurt. Be careful who you trust!-----
Mostly D's:You're Gamzatti from La Bayadere!Personality Quiz: Which Ballet Character Are You?You are royalty. You want things done your way and no one else is capable of influencing your opinion. Your infinite beauty and charm is enough to entrance any man and you put those assets to good use. Despite the fate of most princesses in classic tales, you don't need a prince to save you as you are perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.
Mostly E's:You're Odile from Swan Lake!Personality Quiz: Which Ballet Character Are You?You have a knack for stirring things up and keeping life interesting. When you enter a room every body knows it and your sharp wit keeps audiences entranced all night long. No one wants to get on your bad side because once they're there, there's no going back. You not only talk the talk, you walk the walk and do so with your head held high.
Mostly F's:You're Aurora from Sleeping Beauty!
Personality Quiz: Which Ballet Character Are You?Fair, regal, innocent and beautiful you are one of the most pleasant people to be around. You're very easygoing and are always up for a party. Men fawn over you, all eager for your attention. You never fail to evenly spread your time and everyone leaves satisfied. You treat everyone with equality and kindness (if only your parents had learned that lesson). ;)
Mostly G's:You're Odette from Swan Lake!Personality Quiz: Which Ballet Character Are You?You tend to be shy and quiet, never exactly the life of the party. Although you may not enjoy the spotlight, your Prince Charming somehow manages to find you and is smitten with your mysteriousness and beauty. You have a curious air about you that people are drawn to. (Stay away from those who get the answer Odile on this...) ;)

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