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Persian Paladin Films - Hossein Turner - Circuits in Our Skies

Posted on the 05 February 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
"The concept of an Electric Sun changes everything," thus states this Electric Universe or Plasma Cosmology documentary and if you think it's going too slow at the start, just go to 08:13 where part one of the "Circuits in our Skies" documentary begins proper.
in fact, there's no escaping Hossein Turner's pedestrian commentary/editorial pace but the information's top notch, so watch on, dear inquisitiv-er.
if you're reluctant to click on either of those above videos, first try clicking on this link to an earlier post about THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE as it's a tad more concise if time is your enemy, dear corporate slave.
Which leads me succinctly onto the POWERS THAT BE or the HIERARCHY CONTROLLING YOU section of this post; yes, you knew it was coming.
Surely, this can't be some sort of 'new thinking' or 'alternative view' on how our universe works. NASA will have known about this Electric Universe for decades. So will others in the Science Community. But it's been repressed or a non-issue all through the Space Race.
GRAVITATIONAL UNIVERSE, that's where all our intellectual effort has been directed, right? We've been bombarded with images of a universe that doesn't technically exist. It's a fallacy based on lies at worst, a broken simulation of the evidence at best.
And this goes RIGHT TO THE HEART of our Conspiracy Platform, which Free Planet obviously is. Not that I personally care which view is truth, and which view is Marketing to Improve Profit for Mainstream Corporate Global Entities.
WHAT IS LIFE, or more importantly, "What is the value of lies over truth, to T.P.T.B. or T.H.E.Y.?" the answer has to be PROFIT. It must be more profitable to promote the idea of a Gravitational Universe where 'energy has to be generated' instead of an Electric Universe where 'energy (literally) is all around us, at all times, and is highly intense and everlasting'.
Oh, yeah, METERING. In an electric universe, there's no metering of the energy source, e.g. oil or gas or coal or plants; yes, we're really burning crops for (metered) energy generation. This is a SICK AND TWISTED MENTALITY that has to promote the lie rather than confront the truth.
WHAT IS LIFE, if not the search for truth in our everyday waking consciousness. Why live a lie? Why not KNOW all there is to know, and share that with one's fellow man so that we can all shuffle off our slave-like shackles to the things that are not important in our lives as unique thinking experiencing individuals?

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