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Perpetrators Plans To Tear Down The “Wise And “Strong”/What They Don’t Want You To Know

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

If You Are A Leader And An Extremely Smart, Strong, And Good Unyielding Person, With Rare Distinct Abilities And/Or Attributes You Will Become A Target Quickly, And Indelibly.

When One Who Is Of A Specific Character Refuses To Submit To The Many Corruptions In This Society They Will Be Considered A Threat, And Certain People (Perpetrators) Will Definitely Not Want Them Around.

For Decades Now, There Have Been Certain Types Of Perpetrators In Particular Who Have Always Sought Out To Cause Destruction Towards The Good And Inspiring Individuals Of The World.

When You Do Not Join In With Them And Share Your Advantages So That They Can Use You For Their Own Personal Gain Obstruction Will Soon Began To Occur In Your Life.

So Many Positive/Genuine People Of Great Quality Have Been Viciously Destroyed By The Strategies Of Malevolent People.

And Perpetrators Have Gotten Away With Their Conspiracies For So Long That They Think They Can Just Swallow Up Any High Grade Person That Comes Along.

I Have Always Had And Outstanding Gift Of Perception. I Instantly Pick Up On People And My Surroundings. And That Is A Very Good Thing Because It Can Save Your Life.

Perpetrators Do Not Like Those Who Are Able To Incisively Read Into Them As Most Of Them Are About Nothing And Up To No Good.

And Just The Same As You Do Not Like Them For Their Being Negative, They Don’t Like You For Your True Positivity. Perpetrators Are Disgusted And Turned Off By It, They Examine Ways To Tarnish The Good Nature That One Possesses.

All Malevolent People Care About Is Thrusting Themselves Foreward By Getting A Free Ride In Life. They Take Deceptive Measures In Attaining Whatever They Want And Do Not Deserve.

Perpetrators Desire The Things That You Have And Intend For You To Be Left Without Anything.

You Know The Saying ” It Is Not What You Know But Who You Know?” Well That Emphatically Applies With Perpetrators As Some Of Them Know People In High Places Who Do “Special Favors” For Them.

Since They Are Not “Too Bright” As Others Are-They “Cheat” Their Way Around And Through Life. The Perpetrators Know That They Cannot Win Honestly, That Is Why They Are Called “Perpetrators”.

They Fail At Beating Specific People In Particular  Simply On Their Own/Fair And Square. And It Is Due To The Certain Skills That They Lack.

Perpetrators Are Purely Skilled In Doing Dirt.

There Was This Girl That I Met When We Were Both Fourteen Years Of Age. She Was A Girl Of West Indian Descent. We Never Hung Out Together But We Kept In Contact With One Another Over The Telephone From Time to Time.

She Was A Jealous Type Person, And When She Expressed Her Negativity By Spiteful And Competitive Incidents During The Very Last Few Visits That She Had Paid To Me, I Pleasantly Let Her Go About Her Way Before Deeper Instances Manifested.

You Know, I Had To “Nip Things In The Bud”. Stop Her Shit Before It Got Started. And I Told Her About Herself (I Lit Into Her Ass!).

On One Of Her Visits To My Home, She Called Herself Secretly Recording My Words With A Tape Recorder. I Caught Her Red-Handed. And The Sad Thing About The Situation Was That We Weren’t Even Talking About Anything Important.

I Didn’t Make An Issue Out Of The Misdeed. I Just Kept Quiet. I Didn’t At All Like Her Rancorous Behavior. However It Didn’t Bother Me. I Was Way Ahead Of Her. Perpetrators Always Want To Believe That They Are Getting Over.

So Let Them Think What They Want. The Truth Tells The Story To Them At A Later Time When They Find Out That They Were Outsmarted By Their Own Foolishness. Their Motives Are Very Empty And In Return They Suffer For it Through Stupidity And Disappointment.

For A Long Time Though, In The Past, My Own Personal Perpetrators Would Find Ways To Listen In On My Telephone Conversations And/Or Purposely Tape Record Me With Their Answering Machines. And All Along I Knew What They Were Doing. I Was Completely Aware.

The Game Was To Have “False Proof” Of My Words To Justify Any Lies That They Wanted To Tell And Continue To Tell On Me. And “False Proof” Of My Personality To Justify Any Lies That They Wanted To Back Up.

The Scheme Is Very Pathetic, However, In Their Desperation To Conquer Out Of Deep-Rooted Insecurities And Inferiority Complexes, They Will Go To Ridiculous Extremes.

They Do This To A Lot Of People And Particularly To The Ones Who They Relentlessly Endeavor To Tear Down.

Sometimes The Malevolent May Leave The Taped Recordings-What They Consider As Their “Evidence”-In It’s Unaltered State, And Just Elaborate Fabricated Detail That Corresponds To What Was Said Or Stated.

In Other Attempts, They Intentionally Tamper With The Recordings By Erasing Or Cutting Out Certain Segments To Manipulate The Words And/Or Mutual Conversations.

Another Reason Why The Perpetrators Listen In And Tape Record Is Because They Want To Find Out Your Business. What You Are Doing, Where You Are Going, What Is Happening In Your Life, If You Have Juicy “Dirty Laundry”.

Something For Them To Gossip About, Feed Off Of, To Make Them Feel Better So That They Think They Can Have Some Mental Power Over You.

Again, You Know The Old Saying “Your Reputation Is Only What People Think Of You But Your Character Is Really Who You Are?”- Someone Needs To Tell The Perpetrators That.

Where It All Balls Down To Is Ruining A Person By Trying To Reduce Them In Their Credibility And Reputation. To Crush A Person’s Spirit.

In My Experience, My Perpetrators Never Prevailed Over Me With Their Absurdity. They’d Always Hear And Find Out Favorable Things About Me And Hear Nasty And Unfavorable Things About Themselves (Because I Knew That They Were Listening So I Had To Give Them Something To Listen To) That Would Lead To Their Further Disappointments And Bitterness.

Perpetrators Don’t Want Anybody Who They Are Against To Know How They Operate. When You Are On To Them, The First Thing That They’ll Accuse You Of Is Being “Paranoid”.

That Is The Primary Reason Perpetrators Try To Drive People Crazy By Giving Them Breakdowns. They Can’t Have You Exceptionally Equip In The Mind, Knowing And Figuring Out Too Many Of Their Mischievous/Underhanded Plans.

They Don’t Ever Expect For You To Know Or Find Out. Many Of Them Live In Illusion, Believing Stubbornly In What They Perceive As Their Own Unique “Cleverness”.  Some Are Merely So Sick Minded That They Think Things Have To Go On Their Way Or No Way, And That Is When They Are Prompted To Kill.

It Is Time For The Perpetrators To Remove You From The Earth When You Are Too Smart For Them, Too Strong For Them, And Too Honest. When They Can’t Do Anything With You, Have No Control Over You-You’ve Definitely Got To Go!

Perpetrators Have To Get Rid Of You Before You Do Away With Them.

The Really Excellent News Though Is That They Do Not Always Succeed In Bringing Everybody Down. Yes, Like I’ve Mentioned Before, They Have Gotten Away With Wrongfully Destroying A Lot Of Good Quality People.

There Are Those In Particular Who Come Along And Set Them Straight. They “Hold Their Own”. Show And Remind Them.

Inevitably Define To Them That Fake Things Whole No Weight.

And I Am One Of Those Kinds Of People. Real And Genuine. A Space Where There Is No Competition. A Place Of Truth.

Perpetrators Are No Match For What Is Authentic. Even If They Refuse To Accept Or  Believe What Is Actual.

Looking At Facts To Them Is Like Staring Straight Into A Mirror. They Have To Face Their Own Reflection. A Sight That They Really Do Not Want To Recognize And Acknowledge.

It Is Far More Easier For Them To Turn Away And Live In Their Lies. Looking Away Paints A Better Picture For Them. A Reality That Can Be Ignored And A Fantasy In Which They Can Create.

By Recognizing And Acknowledging Their Reflection In The Mirrors Of Truth They’d Have To Face All Of  The Facts. And Their Purpose Would Be Defeated.

The Continuous Rivalry Is Initiated Through The Masquerade. Perpetrators Have To Prove To Themselves That What Determines Itself As “Real” Isn’t Really Real At All.

And If They Were Able To Conquer Any Or Everyone Who Stood For What Was Upfront And Upright, And Who Wouldn’t Join In With Them To Unite In The Particular Corruptions Of The World They’d Get The Validity Needed To Alleviate The Denial For Their Own Personal Satisfaction.

Perpetrators Chase A Dream That They Want To Become A Reality And That Illusion Will Keep Inspiring Them Into Motivation. They Have To Efficiently Make What They Don’t Want To Face As Fact A Lie.

And How To Go About Doing That Is To Totally Destroy The Good People. And If They Are Able To Pull It Off Then It Feeds Into What Is Real As Really Being “Fake”.

And To Them It Would All Mean That They Are Just As Good As Anybody Else If Not Better. And Their True State Of Being Fake (Their Fraudulent Nature And Counterfeit Ways) Would Not Actually Be A Fake Presentation But “All So Real”.

All Along, The Perpetrators Main Mission And Triumph, Would Only Have Come From Pure Deceptive Means. Oh, And How Sick Is That!

Perpetrators In No Way Want To Be Considered As The Lesser Ones, Or Unworthy. So They Have To Maintain Their Negativity In Order To Serve Their Purpose.

Nothing But A Sick Power Trip. The Perpetrators Want To Be On Top. They Want Status. They Want To Be Regarded.

As Long As Perpetrators Are Fiercely Challenged By The “Wise And “Strong” The Wrestling Will Always Continue To Persist.

Perpetrators Will Not Stop Until They Get What They Want. Even If They Have To Take Their Competitive Behavior To Their Graves.

There Is A Positive Way To Look At This Type Of Circumstance/Situation.

By Perpetrators Constantly Staying On Your Back Means That You Are Very Important To Them. And That They Haven’t Overcome You In Any Way.

They Do Not Bother People To Such An Extent Who Do Not Have Anything  Going On For Them In Their Life And Who Are Not A Threat.

Ever Heard Of The Saying “I’ll Start Worrying When People Stop Coming After Me And Stop Talking About Me”- It Is A Very True Statement That Holds Water.

So Just Remember While The Perpetrators Seek Out To Devour You Laugh At Them And Be Glad That You Are That High For Them To Want To Take Down.

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