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Permission Not Necessary

By Mochocki @mochocki

On the playground, there’s always the one kid who is the natural leader. They decide what game will be played and pick the team leaders. From there, the rest of those wanting to play have to wait to be picked. If you have skills, you’ll be picked first. Or, if your like me and can’t stand having a ball thrown near you, you’re picked towards the end.

Photo by John's and Amy's Dad, Creative Commons

We learn these rules early in life. The unstated law that we need to be picked in order to succeed. Instead of being picked to play a game, we’re now waiting to be accepted by a college, hired as an employee, or proposed to by a cute boy. We always think we’re lucky if we get picked.

But there comes a time when we realize that maybe we just need to pick ourselves.

So we don’t get accepted by Harvard, maybe we can teach ourselves the skills we’re looking for.

So we don’t get hired by Apple, maybe we start our own software company.

So we don’t get proposed to by our boyfriend, maybe we are ok being single (or propose to him).

On my wall at work, I have a quote from Seth Godin that reads:

When we take responsibility and eagerly give credit, doors open. When we grab a microphone and speak up, we’re a step closer to doing the work we’re able to do.

Most of all, when you buckle down, confront the lizard and ship your best work, you’re becoming the artist that you are capable of becoming.

No one is going to pick you. Pick yourself.

We need to stop waiting for others to decide we are ready. We need to stop thinking that things just “aren’t in the cards” because an opportunity hasn’t fallen into our laps. It’s amazing to see what happens in people’s lives when the take a risk and just make an ask.

What’s the worst that will happen? They say “no” or you fail. Big whoop. Do you remember how many times you failed as a kid on the playground? That didn’t stop us from getting back up and trying again.

The point is simple: we need to quit letting rejection stop us. If we want something bad enough, especially something that will make us better, then permission is not necessary. Instead of filing into line, make your life a “choose your own adventure” story. Venture out on your own. Find support along the way. Be happy.

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