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Perils Among Foreign Language Teachers

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“The recent decision in Gyeonggi Province to drastically scale back its number of foreign English teachers must be troubling to any observer who has looked on excitedly at the rapid growth of Korea’s image abroad.”

This post was written by Cashel Rosier where she narrated the rise of Korea when it comes to people who learn English language. Just like its highlight like the G20, being horded in Seoul, and the Winter Olympics to be hosted in PyeongChang on 2018, these actually makes their future become brighter each time.

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Not to mention the influences Korea has contributed in various aspects. People from this country has many influential voices on the global stage, but when people like Ban Ki-moon and Kim Yu-na speak out, they surely have elegant, confident, and fluent English.

But a current dilemma was also included posted by Rosier. There has been the elimination of foreign teachers among the country due to budget cuts. The author pictures this peril among Koreans since they are already rising to the peak of their English career. It could potentially halt the momentum the nation has moving forward.

I know most, or perhaps all of us have been familiar with the K-pop ruling in the music industry. This culture has become more competitive and is gaining ground abroad. But, if the dilemma of losing the country’s opportunity to learn English is gradually, diminishing, they would have nowhere near come close to reaching their full potential.

Cashel Rosier grieves for this kind of predicament. “It is puzzling to see Korea treat these foreign teachers as merely expenses and not investments that will continue to pay dividends down the road.”

It’s not that the author disqualifies the credibility of Korean English teachers. In fact, these teachers have honestly improved. The sad part of it is that foreign teachers from various countries who are dedicated to let Korean learners study English abroad and in their locality have become “irrelevant and expendable”.

In your own opinion, how do you find this circumstance? Feel free to write your comment.

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