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Performance Pick-Me-Ups

By Ballerinablogger
Nutcracker is finally here! And if it's not here for you yet then it's definitely on its way. One thing that I notice about Nutcracker season is that I lose weight because I don't make enough time for myself to eat/rest. Sometimes there really is no time but you need all of the nutrition/strength you can get for these performances. I find the best solution to this problem is packing lots of snacks for yourself to eat in between performances. However, chips and coke aren't quite going to cut it.
To find some tasty and healthy snacks I usually shop at my local Whole Foods. I get LOTS of chopped fruit and vegetables, parfaits, nuts and berries, crackers, hummus and salsa. This food leaves me feeling refreshed and energetic and I don't get that awful and sluggish sensation. For drinks I ALWAYS pack a water bottle. Always, always, always have a water bottle with you that you can refill throughout the day. On Saturdays when we have one Nutcracker performance at 2:00 and one at 7:00 I refill my water bottle about three times.
Try to keep eating in short intervals, this will keep your metabolism up. And don't forget to leave time between eating and performing, you definitely don't want to get a cramp on stage (been there, trust me, it's awful).
There ya go! Thanks for reading!
Ballerinablogger ~

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