Perfect Make-Up Tips

Posted on the 05 December 2013 by Mirjana Gjorevska

 Are you ready to look beautiful with the help of makeup and other beauty products? If the answer is yes then it is time to listen briefly some of the tips that top makeup artists have decided to share with us. Less is better, natural look and gorgeous hair ... It's all part of the story with which you will achieve the look you've always wanted.
Perfect Make-Up Tips
 Makeup is process thanks to which every woman achieves the transformation of her look. With the help of makeup we highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages.
Concealer is part of the cosmetics that most women use to hide dark circles. But before applying it is important to know how to choose the right shade of concealer which must be lighter than your foundation.
  Wrong choice of concealer can further emphasize what you're trying to hide, so it is important to take enough time and in peace to find a shade that is perfect for your skin type and color. If you are not sure of the shade, you can always inquire with the experts.

  Recently more and more popular is “natural look”. If you want to achieve this look it would be good to change certain habits you have when you apply makeup.
Perfect Make-Up Tips
 How you apply foundation till now? For a more natural look to try to smear foundation over the entire face except the cheekbones. At the end with your fingers spread powder on the cheekbones.
 If you like a more natural look you may want to avoid certain makeup with which you will look older. Many makeup artists advise avoiding loose powder. Why? They consider that it contributes to making a person look older. Loose powder is best to apply only in certain areas such as the T-zone. 
 You've always wanted a long and rich lash, but just did not want to put artificial eyelashes. Instead of gluing and waiting for hours at beauty salons, you should use the eyelash curler. It is best to apply it before mascara, because if you apply it later, lashes can rupture. Perfect make-up tips are here to help you to achieve look what you dreamed of, but do not forget and your hair too. Avoid frequent use of irons for the hair and while you dry try to keep your hair away from your hair blower.
Extra - Tips foryouthfuldecolletage
  Womenare struggling tokeep theskin freshandyouthfulbutoften they forgetandskipthe neckand chest. The skin on the neckanddecolletageareaareextremelysensitive and onthem you can see thefirst signsof aging, so they needspecial care. Read belowsome tips tonurtureyour neckanddecolletage.
Perfect Make-Up Tips
  From timeto timemake the peeling of yourneck and decolletage. Apply peels toneckand massagefrom the bottom to up,also massage your decolletagefrom the inside tothe chin. After that,remove thescrubwith a softdamp sponge. Whenremovingmakeupat night, be sure toremove itfrom also from theneck and decolletage. As for thecream, use the samecreamthat you useforyour face.  Decolletagerequires specialcareduring the summer, and opinion is that a serum is considereda much better option. Thanks to them,the skin is softandsupple, and becauseretinol they have, serumscan alsopreventcracking of the skin.Allcreamsandso the serumsmust be applied from the directionof thechestto the neck.  Did you know thaton thecleavagecanalso affectthe position of your body while you sleep?   The positionin whichyou sleepisimportant, and the worstis consideredsleeping on the side, especiallyin women whohave largebreasts. It is believed thatthispositionfavors theformation of wrinkles, and the best positionissleeping on your backbecause itdoesn’t putpressureonthebreasts.  Asthe skin on the decolletage ismuchthinnerthan on theface, so it loses its elasticity much faster, you should use anti-agingcreams. Among thebetter onesare consideredcreams thatcontain vitaminsCand B3that lead to thestimulationof collagenandkeep moisture. It would be bestto enterthe food thatis richin vitamins.
Perfect Make-Up Tips  Fora nicedecolletageyou can usesome ingredients thatyou have inthe house. You need abit ofcarrot, potato, cucumberandcabbage. Gratelistedingredients, stirthem and puton thechest. Cover thebreastwith a warm toweland letstandfor about 15minutes. Take a shower, and you will see how your skin will be fresh and elastic.  Note thatseductivedecolletageare not onlybeautiful breasts, but also beautifuland nourishedskin. Withpropercare ofyourneck and chestyou willhavea nicelongyouthful look.The care is very important, and the resultswillshowover time.

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