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Perfect Guide to a Television Party

Posted on the 18 May 2011 by Silyasa

Invented primarily in the US where parties used to gather to watch the latest episodes of Friends or even the final episodes of a TV drama. The television party has grown into something of a world-wide phenomena for western viewers. This is particularly prevalent with live hit reality shows like American Idol or The X-Factor.

The concept is simple really. Know what time a program is on, phone some friends round and grab some snacks. It’s a perfect social occasion. With the summer months and lighter evenings fast approaching it’s probably time to take out the barbecue food although the only problem with that is someone will probably miss out on the action having to make sure things don’t burn! Here’s a good tip, never serve anything that has a lot of sauce! It goes everywhere
as chances are friends won’t be exactly watching where their food goes!

It’s not just live TV or even scheduled TV that this works – Free online TV is a new way to view TV and it’s winning people over. All you need is a fast connection and computer – we preferably like to hook up the computer to a larger screen as it kind of dampens the mood with everyone huddled around a monitor screen! Now with the advent of new streaming services like SeeSaw in the UK, it’s perfect way to organism TV parties when you like. Now you can revisit some old classics or even catch up with your regular programs that you like to watch. So why not organize a party today!

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