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Pedal Pub Time!!

By Mystatelove @mystatelove

On Saturday I went on my first ever pedal pub experience and I will say this…it’s hard work but fun at the same time. There are are several pedal pubs in the area, you can view one of the lists here, but we went with Amsterdam Pedals in St. Paul. The occasion…my friend’s bachelorette party! I will recommend that if you do partake in one of these, do not, I repeat, DO NOT go down the hills. You have to go back up. This is probably more information than you’d like to know but I got really sweaty and still have that thing they call “bike butt”.

Pedal Pub Time!!

I wish I had more pictures to share of our ride/day with you but I can tell you about it for those of you have not been on one. You basically bring your own beverages of choice, hop on and pedal. You can choose to ride around the whole time or you can make pit stops at bars or restaurants. We stopped at The Bulldog, where I asked for the biggest glass of water they could find and Wild Tymes. I know they are usually “rain or shine” as well so we lucked out with a beautiful day!

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