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Pecan Mint Brownies

By Cathysjoy
Pecan Mint BrowniesPecan Mint Brownies
Pecan Mint Brownies
(recipe adapted & modify slightly from Guai Shu Shu)
20g Blue Jacket Plain Flour
30g cocoa powder
170g fine sugar
100g chopped pecans
100g mint chips
125g dark chocolate, chopped
125g Cowhead salted butter
2 eggs
1. Put chocolate & butter in a bowl & microwave. Stir till well combined. Whisk in eggs till combined.
2. In another bowl, combined flour, cocoa powder & sugar. Pour in chocolate butter mixture from (1) till well mixed. Stir in pecans & mint chips. Pour batter into a lined 6" round tin. 
3. Baked in a preheated oven @ 180C for 40mins.
4. Dust icing sugar & top with pecan before served.
Pecan Mint Brownies

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