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PEAK SHALE GAS - UK Fracking Firm Admits They Are Causing Earthquakes

Posted on the 08 November 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
According to Business Insider,
PEAK SHALE GAS - UK Fracking Firm Admits They Are Causing EarthquakesFollowing seismic tremors in North-West England this Spring, the firm exploring for natural shale gas in the region has admitted that the disturbances were caused by the controversial exploration process of fracking. Fracking involves cracking or fracturing rock, containing trapped shale gas, by using pressurized liquid. Shale gas is an increasingly important energy resource though there have been claims that it is worse for the environment than coal, largely due to the fracking process.[source BUSINESS INSIDER]

if I'm reading between the lines correctly, does this mean that WE HAVE REACHED PEAK SHALE GAS in the west in that the Fracking Process used to extract it is TOO DAMNED DANGEROUS as well as too expensive to be OF ANY VIABLE USE TO ANYONE (though this doesn't affect the gold extraction process which poisons third world countries where it is mined)?
Time to face reality, idiocracy, there's a big round electromagnetic Sun up there that wants to give us INEXAUSTIBLE ENERGY for millennia.
Accept this fact and Free Energy is ours for this Free Planet to truly benefit from.

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