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Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration

By Weddingblog2011

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The winter frost is thawing and the days are getting warmer which must mean only one thing…wedding season is fast approaching!

Traditionally used at Hindu weddings where peacock feathers are thought to bring luck, the beauty of the feathers sees them being used in weddings with couples from many different faiths. This piece will showcase how many brides-to-be were inspired to use peacock feathers for their ‘big’ day. Hopefully, it will provide future brides with a bit of inspiration too!

Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration
A simple peacock feather attached to a wedding invitation adds an eye catching detail. You can see here the simple background heightens the effect of the peacock feather. Less is more as they say!

Here, peacock feathers decorate the bride’s hair. Fastened with a hair-clip three peacock feathers add a simple and elegant feature to the hair.

Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration

Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration
A peacock feather on the groom’s lapel. The peacock eye is turned away preventing the feather overshadowing the simple effect of the white roses.

This beautiful aqua blue jewellery attached to a bridesmaid bouquet is completed with peacock feathers. See how the blues in the eye of the feather and jewellery compliment one another?

Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration

There are also many different ways in which peacock feathers can be used to decorate the wedding venue.

Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration
Adding peacock feathers to flower arrangements outside the wedding venue sees an impressive welcome for guests!

Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration
These azure seat covers are each accented with a peacock feather. The colours of the peacock feather eyes really highlight the blue within the covers. Keeping colours complimentary guarantees a tasteful looking wedding!

This wedding guest book area looks fabulous with it’s peacock feather theme. Very simple but effective.

Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration

Peacock feathers can be used to great effect on the outside of the wedding venue. However, there’s no reason for the peacock theme to remain outside the building!

This flower display has peacock feathers added. See again how the colours in the eye blend with the many colours used in the display.

Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration

Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration

The name placings are each decorated with a peacock feather. A simple background of white allows the natural beauty of the feathers to take centre-stage in the design.

What a wedding cake! Iced with a peacock feather design, the natural feathers help make this cake a very individual design for one couples very special day . I hope it tasted as good as it looked!

Peacock Feathers; Wedding Inspiration

If you are planning a wedding I hope the above examples have highlighted how the versatility of peacock feathers can be used to create an elegant wedding. With a few peacock feathers accenting the bride, groom, bridesmaids and environment their vibrant and plentiful colours help ‘blend’ everything together ensuring your big day is a style triumph!

Written by Gary Mullen from Peacock Feathers.

A MASSIVE thank you to the following four ladies. Without their help this article would have looked rather boring so I’d like to thank them for taking the time to share their expertise and photos.

Lynda Barness from I DO Wedding Consulting.  Photographs courtesy of Mike Kehr.

Wendy Dahl from Dahl Wedding Company.

Angela Rando from Juliet Events.

Amy Vargas from First Comes Love Weddings and Events.

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