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Peacock Farming

Posted on the 21 May 2011 by Bgdn_adrian

Peacock farmingDescription: Thisbusiness iswell-spread all over the world and it is considered averyprofitablebusiness. People that grow peacockssay that the birdsmake profitsrangingfrom15 000-30 000per year. This profitis generatedby themarketingofpeacockfeathers, whicharesoldatpricesranging between1-5euros perpiece,depending on its size. Apeacock's plumage changesonce ayear,soyou canget150-200peacockfeathers from an adult bird, which produceson averagea profitof450-600euros/peacock/year only from the sale of feathers. If you choose to sell peacocks, they are sold for 500-800  EUR for a young bird, and for 1500-2000 euro an adult bird (over 3 years)
Resources needed: - outer town farming site
   - documentation in terms of growing peacocks
   - peacocks acquisition costs
   - modifying the location in order to raise these birds
   - feeding costs
Pros: -these are not fussy birds
    - they are cost-effective
   - a lot of peacocks bring high profits
Cons: - it is necessary to have an outer town location
  - disadvantages in obtaining authorization for this activity and respecting the legal compliances for such activities
Conclusion: Anyone who owns an outer town location could try this business.

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