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Peace, Power, Purity, And Protection

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

_fantail_1A while back as I was taking a nice hot shower a vision had appeared to me.

The vision regarded my present state then and now.

Three healthy white doves were rapidly flapping their wings straight above my head.

It was such a beautiful sight.

My peace and protection was gorgeously attached to me as I was graciously blessed by thee.

No one gave it to me and no one can take it away from me. The love, power, and guidance of my Orishas. The love, power, and guidance from my ancestors.

The purity of the mind, the purity that is within the spirit may it never be violated nor tarnished through any infiltration.  I will never yield to coerce. It is emphatically impossible.

The love and loyalty between all of us is far too strong for any mode of defilement to ever intervene.

When one is truly good in character or spirit (although none of us are perfect) they receive goodness in return. With blessings come responsibility. An obligation to one’s self to live in accordance to the most befitting and glorifying ways unto their own distinct nature and existence.

Acting out of character (whatever that may be/and however that may be defined) serves as a reproach to the very state of well-being.

Our experiences and realities verify who we are and where we stand. There are many sources of power and there are many sources of protection. Peace and purity starts from within and then exudes from without.

One has to find there own specific destination and road.

There is a distinct beauty that is within peace. Everyone does not have peace. Everyone cannot find peace. There is a distinct beauty that is within being pure. Everybody does not have purity. Everybody cannot maintain a purity.

There is a distinct energy that is within power. Everyone does not have power. Everyone is not able to generate power. There is a distinct energy that is within protection. Everybody does not have protection. Everybody is not able to handle a protection.


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