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Peace Is Improbable.

Posted on the 19 May 2013 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
You can't have, won't have peace when one side does not want it. Revolutionary concept or what? Most Palestinians don't want it if you listen to them.
The conflict clearly isn’t solvable right now, because when asked whether there’s “a way for Israel and an independent Palestinian state to coexist peacefully,” a whopping 61 percent of Palestinians said “no,” while only 14 percent said “yes.” (Israelis, in a triumph of hope over experience, said “yes” by a 50-38 margin.) In other words, a huge majority of Palestinians said that even if a Palestinian state is established, the conflict will continue as long as Israel continues to exist. So where does that leave the chances for Israeli-Palestinian peace? Palestinians have actually been telling pollsters this for years. In a 2007 poll, for instance, 77 percent of Palestinian respondents said “the rights and needs of the Palestinian people cannot be taken care of as long as the state of Israel exists.” And in a 2011 poll, 61 percent of Palestinians said they saw a two-state solution only as a stepping-stone to Israel’s ultimate eradication. Thus the problem isn’t that Palestinians are dishonest about their intentions; it’s that Westerners consistently choose to ignore their frank avowals and focus instead on anything that could possibly be interpreted as grounds for optimism–like the desire for greater American involvement voiced in last week’s poll.
And if you are one of the fools who believes in Palestinian Solidarity, you better be prepared to support terrorism as a tactic:
  If you are in solidarity with the Palestinian people and our right towards self-determination, then you are in solidarity with our rights to fight colonialism by all means, including armed resistance, there is no compromise. Not that an occupied people needs a law to take back its dignity, however, UN resolution 3070 by the general assembly even states that a colonized population has the right to liberate itself using armed resistance. The selective support for a single form of resistance (usually unarmed) is not genuine solidarity.
No room for any of you peaceniks!!!
And if you are are a potential BDS'er, according to the Angry Arab, you need to be against the very existence of Israel:
1) The movement has to take a clear, categorical stance against the very existence of Israel. The deliberate decision to suspend the agreement on the political goal is rather hypocritical as it allows friends of Zionism to infiltrate the movement and to sabotage its mission.
Listen to what they say! You aren't going to like it unless you are a Jew hater. Luckily for them there are lots of those out there.
Peace Is Improbable.

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