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Pea Sticks & Bean Poles

By Danielcarruthers

Spring seems to have ground to a bit of a halt and most of the perennials are still well hunkered down in the borders, so it is a perfect time to start putting plant supports in place. I haven’t yet made my annual pilgrimage to a nearby cobnut nursery  for a carload of pea sticks, but this morning I visited a local nursery that has just taken delivery of some, as well as beanpoles.  My beanpoles are still in good working order from last year (the secret is to stack them upright in a sheltered spot) but I bought a couple of bundles of pea sticks to get the process going. Local managed woodland is often a good source of both poles and sticks – they are cut annually as part of the coppicing process.bean poles 2016peasticks 2016

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